Dr. Helga Schabus-Kavallar

As an orthopedist, I am the expert on the musculoskeletal system.

I see it as my job to maintain your mobility regardless of age! Orthopedics not only combats pain, it also enables movement. Because: Movement is life, life is movement!

Even during my training as a general practitioner, it was important to me to understand and “grasp” the patient as a human being in his entirety. This was the reason for my further path in training to become a specialist in orthopedics. In the vast land of orthopedics, among other things, I received the necessary tools for my later work from manual medicine (formerly chiropractic).

In my practice, the focus is on the examination of the entire musculoskeletal system and individual advice and treatment through coordinated conservative therapy methods. In the medical field, the conservative approach is the opposite of operative. This means that I mainly use non-surgical treatment strategies to help the patient.

Of course, if other therapies have failed, I also provide the indication for a surgical procedure. All of my experiences, positive as well as negative, have shaped my philosophy. Time for my patients, strength for the common work and a feel-good ordination, which ensures the climate for good medical activity, are very important to me!

As a doctor of choice, I have enough time for discussions, advice and treatment. The information of the patient is a personal concern to me, the care is very individual due to the lower number of patients. Good scheduling with minimal waiting times saves you and me stress!